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Professional Career Technical Education Programs Provider

Audio, Video, Media Certification Courses

For Educational Institutions and Organizations

Do you currently provide
certification to your students,
faculty & staff?

Now you can provide:

fast, free or affordable and remote!
Certification courses can be free for

your students, your faculty and for you,

by applying to grants such as Perkins, and others. 

Pro tools teaching in Brooklyn

Affordable CTE Solutions

We provide affordable CTE Certification Programs and  Courses for your students and faculty with Curriculums focussed in Audio, Video & Media software and hardware such as AVID and ADOBE. 

Pro tools NYC certifies faculty

Isabel case 

She is a college student. She will graduate and receive a diploma. But that might not be enough to land her a job in her field. She might still need more experience and hands on learning

Pro tools NYC training in Brooklyn

A simple gesture

By working together we provided Isabel a more secured future. We armed her a with a certification on top of her diploma degree that gave her a job experience that she used to get a job.

Pro tools NYC courses for all levels

From not finding a job to finding a job.

Just like Isabel, other students, after graduating from City University of New York together with our certification they were able to secure an entry position at NBC Universal.

Our mission is to help every student and faculty get
certified in their field.

We have provided certifications to 100 of 300 media majors students at BMCC, just like Isabel.

75% has passed the exam

Pro tools NYC certification courses for students, colleges and faculty

Focusing our efforts on CUNY and others

Right now there is not enough cert courses offered at universities across US. Focusing our efforts on CUNY 

we can start to make a positive change.

Looking at the numbers from our case study at BMCC, we provided positive learning outcomes and proper workforce experience to 100 media major students out of 300 from who 75 were able to pass the certification training and the exam.

Pro tools NYC progress

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