THE ART OF STORYTELLING for Radio Producers and Journalists


Pro Tools for Radio, Podcast Producers, and Audio Editors

Course Details: 

Private and small group Training Course Session Classes.

The course is offered in Sections. Each Section is 4 sessions. Each session is One Hour.  

Go at your own speed. We recommend 1 or 2 sessions a week. 

Hands On Online via Zoom, Screen Share, Remote Computer and Studio Control.  

Through this journey with us you will master all the latest skills and techniques of a professional audio producer in the podcast field. You will gain depth in today’s required standards of recording, sound design, mixing and mastering. After completing all the Section Courses with us you will be able to gain exactly all the same knowledge and methods as we have done for A&E, Columbia, CUNY, Fusion, NPR, PRX, TED, The New York Times, and so so many others. 

Understand how to use AVID Pro Tools to your advantage as a radio and/or a podcast producer. Create engaging, stories by learning how to utilize all Pro Tools powerful resources. Learn techniques and acquire the skills to produce your content fast. Make every story sound as professional as it gets. Learn about pro sound effects, file delivery, importing and exporting, automation, sound replacement, sound mixing, mastering for radio 

and podcast and so much more.


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