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About Pro Tools NYC

            " We are a fast paced, high energy New York born and raised company. Growing, expanding, evolving and changing for the better, every day. For over 10 years we have been providing both media education and full service media production services. With a large roster of high scale, world leading clients, we strive for the path to perfection of execution. We handle all scale projects with unmatched dedication. " - Bez Vise, Founder   

About The Founder Bez Vise

           For over 10 years, Bez Vise has been contributing his highly creative talent in audio and video production, combined with his infectious energetic personality to hundreds of projects, many of them achieving worldwide successes. From working with top music industry names to world class athletes to US longest running media production facilities, Bez, has been there for over a decade, shaping US and world audio and video standards. Raising the bar, one project at a time. 

           His work has been heard and seen by millions of people all over the world, on television, radio and the web, charted Billboard, featured on Grammy’s, and so much more.
           "I have been servicing clients non stop, worldwide. Creating audio, music, video, image and multimedia content of all types. Some of my clients include: Audible, Bunim / Murray, Columbia University, City University Of New York, VH1, MTV, NBC Universal, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Soundtrack Group, Ultra Music, and many others including world music stars and all star athletes. No matter what creative project you have in mind, big or small, feel free to contact me. Let's talk about it." 


            Pro Tools NYC was founded in 2013 by music industry professional Bez Vise formerly known as Pavel Bez. Who has been actively working in audio production industry since 2005. In 2014 we have re-launched our Pro Tools NYC brand as a bigger entity with the additional new team and new and expanded, private, one on one training sessions, that you simply do not get anywhere else. In the last decade we have provided superior training classes to professionals and aspiring professionals. We now have fundamentally expanded the core of our infrastructure to provide our clients with unparalleled level of dedication. We are working everyday on perfecting the Pro Tools NYC experience. Now we are re-launching again in 2020. 


" I have no doubt that the same respect, energy, and excitement that Bez brings to his work with celebrity clients, he brings to OPEN DOORS. His creative spirit is infectious, and his ability to translate technical language into clear direction has helped our members grow. I can see no obstacles preventing Bez from excelling and am confident that he will elevate the work of those fortunate enough to collaborate with him. "


" A producer, composer and engineer, Bez is a natural "connector" with a dynamic personality. Bez has taken great initiative in his work with Manhattan Producers Alliance and is an asset to the organization. Bez has an infectious energy, an entrepreneurial outlook and is always eager to learn and grow as a creative force."

- JOE CARROLL Director Of Manhattan Producers Alliance


For over a decade Bez have been providing professional distribution ready sound & audio production, post production, studio services and consultancy to some of the top names in the media industry. We have also been providing video production and post / editing services. 

Contact Us. We know what we are doing. You are in good hands. 

We align ourselves with corporations and organizations to solve some challenges, provide value and expertise. Project based or monthly consultancy. 



WAIT WHAT, Masters Of Scale: Premium Podcast Production & Editing

CINEMART: Premium Podcast Production & Studio Services

OPEN DOORS, at NYC Health + Hospitals / Coler: Media Production & Education

GIGS, Season 1: Full-Service Post Production, Re-Recording Mixer, ADR

EASTERN, Love and Hip Hop, TV Series: Sound & Audio Consultancy 

NBC Universal, News Channel 4 Spots: Post, Re-Recording Mixer, Audio Books: Recording, Post Production

Ultra Music, Spinnin Records: Recording, Studio Services

Fluenz on Amazon, Language Software:  Recording, Studio Services, Post Production

Soundtrack Studios NY: Sound & Audio Production 

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Case Studies

 " I help individuals, schools, organizations and companies all over the world every day. Bringing the forever knowledge and value, while getting all projects done regarding the scale or territories. " 

-Bez Vise, Founder, Pro Tools NYC

Jada Smith

Working Together 

Changing Lives with Sound at 

The Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation’s Careers In Entertainment (CIE) Initiative


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“Everything went well! Really learned a lot.  I will definitely be in touch.” 

- Jason Cheung, Video Editor, Marvel Entertainment


" We wanted to send a note to say thank you for our lessons—it was great to get our hands dirty with pro tools and we had a lot of fun doing it! 

- Julie, AE Networks


“I already had some experience in digital recording and editing, so my instructor allowed me to create my own course which was perfect for me." 

- George Faulkner, IBM  

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“My lessons with Bez were great! I learned more in the sessions with him than I would have alone. Definitely recommend taking lessons here.” 

- Frankel Joseph, Apple, Inc.


“Pro Tools NYC turned out to be just what I was looking for. I was amazed at the efficiency and speed. It was very valuable for me.”

- Alexis Elizabeth, City University of New York

“I learned way more in my 4 week course with Bez than in other 6 month courses I’ve taken.  The instruction was all relevant and personally tailored to what I wanted to know.  And Bez is a great teacher — not only does he know everything about ProTools and music, but he knows how to explain it quickly and in a way that’s very easy to understand.  I can’t wait to go back for more classes soon!  Worth every penny.  AND Bez is a nice, fun person too!  What a bonus.” 

- Phoebe Lichty,  Songwriter & Producer

“Pro Tools NYC is a no nonsense, straight to the point course, that gets you exactly what you want... Results!"

- Todd Weinstock, Glassjaw Band Member & NYC DJ

“I had so much fun learning from Bez everything I needed to know about Pro Tools. I've been working on Cubase and Ableton Live for more then 10 years and needed an introduction to Pro Tools. Bez was professional, friendly and is an excellent  teacher. I would recommend his class both to beginners and experienced musicians."

- Ann Streichman, Professional DJ

“Pro Tools NYC was excellent. It was the first time I truly understood the software on a specific level that I need as a composer and lyricist.” 

- Natasha  Medvedovskaya, Award Winning International Composer & Songwriter

“Bez is not only a thorough teacher, but he is fun to work with. After my ProTools sessions with him, I am more efficient at producing and experimenting podcasts and audio + film documentaries.” 

- Elyse  Sblennerhassett, Audio Producer + Editor

"My experience at Pro Tools NYC was all positive. I have been a self-taught Pro Tools user for 3+ years, so I went into this class simply hoping to learn a thing or two that I might have been missing. However, I came out of it with so much more than I had expected - Bez really knows his stuff, and not only is he a great teacher, he makes the sessions very entertaining. If you want to know the ins and outs of Pro Tools, this is where you should go!"

- Rikuto Amao, Content Producer at YouTube Channel: Rap To Learn English

"My studio session was excellent. I was able to clarify a lot of the questions I had regarding ways to improve my computer's performance with my universal audio equipment. He also emailed me a list of plugins that are already in my near future investment plans . I'm already working back home and been practicing on those useful keyboard shortcuts, navigating swiftly in my sessions now! Overall, I want to thank Bez and Erik for the great studio session, I had a great time and was able to learn a lot."

- Javier Neris, Producer, Engineer, Mixer.